Want to build a commerical grade home gym? Come to MIKOLO T1 PACKAGE..

The new MIKOLO Tank 1 All-In-One Trainer features the World's first interchangeable cable pulley ratio (1:1 and 2:1), Heavy 11 Gauge Steel Uprights, and 8 free Attachments. 
The MIKOLO T1 base unit combines an entire commercial gym into a single compact power rack footprint, including a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Counterbalanced Smith Machine, Vertical Leg press machine,Chin Up Station, Dip Station, Low Row Station, Lat Pulldown Station, Core trainer / Landmine station,and Suspension Trainer.
Plus, the built-in storage keeps your small attachments and accessories organized and accessible. Customize your setup by easily repositioning the pegs to meet your preferences and needs.

MIKOLO T1 Package Includes: