MIKOLO Rubber Flooring

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MIKOLO rubber flooring is easy to both install and maintain, giving gym owners a slip-resistant, stain-resistant, glare-free surface that’s durable and dependable under regular stress. Along with its safety and comfort benefits for athletes, This rubber Flooring helps absorb sound and reduce noise in a training space. Its seamless appearance and flecked design also make it well suited to the existing aesthetics of any gym.

  • Totally in 6 tiles, 12 borders. Each tiles matched with 2 borders.
  • Size on each tile: 24" × 24“ × 1/4”. Each tile weight in 5.5lbs around
  • Easily assembled. Loose lay tiles, No adhesive is required.
  • 100% Rubber Surface, Promising slip resistant .
  • Flecked surface, easy to clean and maintain. customizd your gym, 
Sale price$99.99 Regular price$129.99

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