MIKOLO ERKANG-T1 All In One Trainer

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Color: Black
30-day Money Back
Lifetime Warranty

What Comes with MIKOLO T1 gym station: Power rack, Functional trainer, 2:1 ratio Lat pulldown station (includes leg holder), 1:1 ratio Low row station (includes footplate attachment), Counterbalanced Smith machine, Vertical leg press(Include quick-locking leg press foot plate), Chin station, Dip station, Core trainer / Landmine station, Suspension trainer. Also come with  a pair of cable-handle and a cable bar.
Space-Efficient & Cost-Saving Design: Shallow 58" depth footprint. It is compact when you consider all of the exercise stations contained in its design. It packs 10 different training stations into about a third of the footprint you’d need if you instead bought dedicated equipment for each station and saved your dollar compared to buying separate pieces of comparable quality equipment that replicate the T1’s functionality

Designed for Home Gym Storage: There is a dedicated weight/barbell storage area in the rear. This gives the vast majority of users more than enough space to store all their weight and bar. Also, we use a pegboard to replace the traditional storage hook. We believe everyone's storage needs are different and we hope this pegboard can be an inspiration to set your own needs.
Versatile Design: The home gym beast gives you access to 40+ free weight barbell exercises, impressive 75+ cable exercises, easy 30+ Smith machine exercises at your disposal, 30+ exercises on the landmine/core trainer, 9 basic chin-up variations based solely on the various ways you can grip the handles. 2 pairs of Dip handles that let you do 2 basic dip variations (wide and narrow grip). 80+ suspension trainer exercises. 3 leg press variations: narrow, shoulder width, and wide stance leg press.