MIKOLO F4 Power Rack

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If you're looking for an economical, space-saving home gym power rack that satisfies all your strength training requirements, Mikolo F4 is an excellent choice. Made from 2x2 inch 14-gauge steel, it boasts unparalleled sturdiness, can handle up to 800 lbs, and offers a reliable and firm foundation for your exercise regimen. The compact design suits environments with limited space or lower ceilings. It enables heavy lifts without needing a spotter and eliminates the need to spend time and money joining the queue in a crowded gym.

The F4 isn't just a power rack. It is a 1:1 pulley ratio cable system integrated with a lat pulldown machine and a low-row attachment. With other accessories, that Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, (4) Plate Storage Posts, (2) Accessory Storage Hooks, Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Safety Spotter Pins, Wide & Narrow Grips Dip Handles, (2) J-Hook, (2) Safety Weight Catch, (2) Barbell Holder as well as (4) Weight Plate Storage.  Also come with three cable attachment: Lat Bar, Cable Bar, Tricep Rope