Fake Website Report

Recently, we have identified multiple fake websites claiming to sell MIKOLO products such as power racks, smith machines, cable machines and home gym equipment at significantly reduced prices. Customers have reported that after making payments on these fraudulent sites, they did not receive any deliveries. We want to officially state that MIKOLO products are protected by copyright, trademark, and patent laws. Our products are only sold at consistent prices on our official website gym-mikolo.com or www.gym-mikolo.com and other authorized retail platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay. We have not authorized any other distributors or resellers. Please ensure that you are purchasing genuine MIKOLO branded products by verifying the source before making a purchase.

Fake Website as following:

#1 musclepeaks[.]com

Reason:As shown in the images below, the product reviews for this store are copied from our website (Products: F4, K6, M4), with none of them being original.

#2 swankcoutur[.]myshopify[.]com

Reason:This site has directly copied all of our product-related images and content.


We reserve the right to take legal action against any fake websites that violate our brand and intellectual property rights. If you find any fake websites or other infringements, please report them to us.