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Glute Drive Machine

Sale price$479.99

Sale price$479.99

The glutes are a major driver for powerful movements, like leaping and running, that come with hip extension (the top of the thrust). Even if power isn't your goal, building strong glutes is also important, which helps you to stave off lower back pain and injury. Re-examined the process of building and toning glutes and hamstrings, Glute drive machine developed a smarter, more stable take on high-intensity glute training!

MIKOLO Hip thrust machine made of 12 gauge, 40×80 steel pipe, with smooth welding weight capacity up to 800LBS. Featured with two rear support frames provide the maximum weights for all of the trainers. A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety.Two-angle footboard for comprehensive training of your gluteal muscles.