Is there a reason to use the Smith machine?

smith machine

When it comes to weight training, the Smith machine often evokes strong opinions. Some lifters swear by its utility, while others dismiss it in favor of free weights. If you're skeptical about using the Smith machine, you're not alone. However, there are compelling reasons to consider incorporating it into your workout routine.

smith machine

Benefits of the Smith Machine

Enhanced Safety for Solo Lifters

One of the primary advantages of the Smith machine is the safety it offers, especially for those who train alone. The fixed bar path allows you to perform exercises without the need for a spotter. This feature is particularly beneficial for lifts like squats and bench presses, where the risk of injury from a failed rep is higher.

Stability and Control

The Smith machine provides a stable environment for performing exercises. This stability can be advantageous for hypertrophy training, allowing you to focus on muscle activation rather than balance. Exercises such as hack squats, split squats, and reverse lunges can be performed with more control, leading to better muscle isolation and growth.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

For those recovering from injuries or with specific physical limitations, the Smith machine offers a safer way to continue training. The fixed bar path reduces the risk of aggravating injuries and allows you to work around them. For example, individuals with knee stability issues can benefit from the controlled environment the Smith machine provides.

Versatility in Exercise Selection

The Smith machine is not limited to just a few exercises. It can be used for a wide range of movements, including hip thrusts, Kaz presses, shoulder presses, and various rowing motions. This versatility makes it a valuable tool in any gym setup.

Increased Load Capacity

The Smith machine allows you to lift heavier weights with greater safety. This is particularly useful for hypertrophy, where progressive overload is key to muscle growth. The stability of the machine means you can push your muscles to failure without the same risk of injury as with free weights.

What do Experts Say

Even some of the top fitness professionals recognize the value of the Smith machine. Chris Bumstead, a well-known bodybuilder, prefers the Smith machine for his squats. Phil Heath, another renowned bodybuilder, has also praised its benefits. When athletes of their caliber endorse a piece of equipment, it's worth considering its inclusion in your routine.

Problems and Solutions

The Smith Machine is Dangerous

Some argue that the Smith machine is more dangerous than free weights, particularly for bench pressing. While it's true that improper use can lead to injury, this is true for any piece of equipment. Modern Smith machines come with safety mechanisms that can be adjusted to prevent the bar from trapping you. As with any exercise, proper form and setup are crucial.

The Smith Machine is Useless for Functional Strength

While the Smith machine does not replicate the full range of motion and stabilizer muscle activation of free weights, it is not without functional benefits. It can complement free weight training by allowing you to focus on specific muscle groups and movements with added stability.


The Smith machine is a versatile and valuable tool for any lifter, whether you're aiming for hypertrophy, recovering from an injury, or simply training without a spotter. While it may not be a complete substitute for free weights, it offers unique advantages that can enhance your workout regimen. Next time you're at the gym, consider giving the Smith machine a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

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