MIKOLO K6 Power Rack

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The K6 Space Saving Racks gives you the functionality of a power rack with a small footprint.
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Upgraded Structures: Mikolo K6 power cage is made of a 14 gauge steel tube for the rack frame, a professional gym-level material. The power rack weighs 220 lbs with 8 reinforcing tabs which increase its stability during training. The capacity is loading to 1500 lbs. Weight Cage Dimension: 67.5’’L x 56.5’’W x 86.4’’H. After hanging the barbell, the highest height is 95''. NOTE: This power rack cage will be shipped in 2 packages (which may not arrived at the same time)

Endless Training Possibilities: It is combined with a cable crossover machine, power rack, cable machine, and power tower. That means you could spend one machine money to get four products with different functions. You can freely do home workouts with either the single-sided or the double-sided cable system. We upgraded a battle rope anchor to help you with strength training and body-building, You can do unlimited exercises at limited space.

Space Saving Choice: We considered that you might have limited space at your home, but please don’t worry about it. There is an extra barbell storage holder for you and you can store the barbell on it. We also provided 4 storage hooks for all the accessories that were included. Feel free to put your own accessories on! You can also add extra weight storage pins to store your weights. The 2'' x 2'' column size and 1'' holes can be adapted to most of the accessories on the market.

Unique Design: We upgraded the 6 band pegs(3 for each side), you can freely use them on the top or the bottom rod. Using the band pegs on the top rod, it makes the barbells hang in the air and which can increase the stability of the barbell and also make the training safer. It can also help you to lend force during pull-ups. Use the band pegs on the bottom rod, you can add bands to it which can do resistance training. Double-size detachable landmine fits both 1’’ and 2’’ barbells.

Free & Complete Accessories: No need to buy the extra accessories because all the accessories come with our home gym power cage. It included: T bar x 1, lat pull down bar x 1, tricep rope x 1, cable bar x 1, cable handle x 2, battle rope anchor x 1, J-hook x 2, dip bar x 2, detachable landmine x 1, footboard x 1, barbell storage hook x 1, barbell spring clamp x 2, safety bar spring clamp x 2. Warranty: lifetime.

  • Material
    2x2" 14-Gauge Steel
  • Overall Height
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Depth
  • Hole Spacing
  • Hole Size
  • Weight Post Diameter
    1" & 2"
  • Product Weight
    220 lbs
  • Pulley Ratio
  • Cable Weight Capacity
  • Rackable Capacity
  • Whole Capacity
  • 2x2-inch 14-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Plate-Loaded Power Rack
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • Space Saving Design
  • (6)Band Peg for Added Resistance
  • (4)Accessory Storage Hooks
  • Wide & Narrow Grips Dip Handles
  • 4" Hole Spacing Throughout With 1” Pinholes
  • Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Safety Spotter Pins
  • Big Foot Board For Seated Cable Row
  • Adjustable Dual Pulley System
  • Securely Store Your Barbell with Our Barbell Hanger
  • Battle Rope Anchor for Improving Muscular Endurance and Overall Strength


Extra Large Footboard

The reversible design is more flexible and will not affect the lowest cable use position for seated rowing.

Cable System

16 Height adjustment holes. All your home member can find their suitable height for cable crossover training.

Detachable Landmine

The detachable design allows you to mount anywhere you want. Dual-diameter holes are corresponding to the Olympic barbell and training bar.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, by adjusting the height of the safety bar, lies a weight bench, you could perform the bench press easily.

First, using them make barbells hang in air, increase the stability, as well as the safety. Additionally, it can also lend force during pull-ups.

The cable pulley system's weight capacity is 150 in each side, and the machine is built with 8 reinforcing tabs, which increase the stability when workout.

Yes, if the ceiling allows it, it's acceptable to mount the pull-up bar upside down, and it won't affect its durability. However, we do not recommend removing it.

My husband and I installed it in two hours. The instruction is very clear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Satisfied with K6, a few things could make it better

Overall: Satisfied, would recommend
Product: 4 of 5

Shipping: 2nd box damaged before delivery. Mikolo informed me after I contacted them when only 1 of 2 boxes arrived. 2nd box received four days later. Both boxes were in fair condition with a few holes - though no damage to equipment.

Unboxing/Assembly: Like others describe (and written in the instructions) take your time - plan for half a day and you'll be successful. Unfortunately, the packaging for the washers, bolts and nuts were damaged causing the contents to have spilled out during shipping. Make sure you have a socket set or box wrenches on hand - provided tools will cause you frustration. Instructions are adequate - however should include why Vaseline is recommended - likely for the cable pulley system - though there is no further information on the website. Total time to assemble was two hours with two helpers. It would also be very useful to give instructions to desired foot-lbs for tightening or some sort of usable measure - especially when it comes to securing the pulleys. My daughter had over-tightened one that caused some excess noise - once we found it and loosened it - all was good.

Usage: We have four people (48, 19, 15, and 14 year old) using this rack. Here are the following observations:
1. The safety bars cause the powder coating/finish to come off the 2x2 cage when you take them out or replace them - not used often but appears to be lacking in design
2. Weight holders: We're using regular size bumper plates. When using the cage as a bench press the weights on the bar will hit any weights that are racked not he holders. This is regardless of using the front, or rear support at any reasonable height. Unknown if there is still an interference problem with small cast iron weights
3. Wouldn't recommend attempting squats inside the cage for adults. My son an I move the bar outside to perform squats is the area inside is too narrow and will occasionally bump off the front or rear support. My younger daughter and son have no problems while inside the supports.
4. Cable assembly is solid. Easy to assemble and very smooth wether using one or both sides. We use the cables for about 70% of the time that we're on the rack.
5. Storage hooks are adequate - though there is no real easy way to store the pull-down bar that doesn't cause it to be in the way trying to grab another accessory.
6. Stability - I'm very satisfied with the stability of the rack. We had someone on dips and a cable row going on at the same time and the rack was solid - no shimmy, wobbles, noise etc... - just solid.
7. Dip attachments - slightly awkward for all of us - not terrible but the inner grips seemed to narrow for adults
8. Note: We have not used the landmine attachment.

Summary - I wouldn't hesitate to by this rack - with a few work arounds and changes to our routines it is exactly what we needed for our workouts.

mitchell dexter
Great product

I love this thing, haven’t had any problems with it so far. Definitely with it!!!

Maji Ahmed
Great Customer Service

I want to take a second to appreciate the service I received from this company. Initially it started out with them sending me the wrong item and quite honestly thought they wouldn’t care to fix it. I was wrong I contacted them and they got back to me with a brand new one. They took the time to fix the mistake let me keep the original one and even sent me an apology gift. I am really appreciative of their service and how they handled it. I would truly recommend their product it’s great for the price and can’t beat it. Thank you Mikolo.

Michael Orlando
Don't want to go to the gym? This is a great choice for beginner and amateur weightlifters!

During the pandemic, my weight spiraled out of control. I was desperately looking for something to have at home once I saw how bad my weight had gotten. I didn't want to go to the gym as I had a bad experience with contracting a skin infection from one of the machines, which took months to recover from.

So, I wanted something for my home that I could walk out to whenever I wanted and help me curb this weight gain. I looked at quite a few machines initially, I thought about a smith machine as squats are something I feel does so much for one's health and stability, however they were outside of my price range. I was hesitant to squat without assistance at first, but I felt confident in the safety of the K6 with the safety bars that help prevent potential injury.

I pulled the trigger and bought the machine, and after a few days it came in. I was able to put it together myself, though it was a huge pain in the butt to do. I strongly recommend having someone assist you with putting it together if possible.

Once together however, I was happy with the stability and quality of the machine, though there was a different name on the plates for the machine. It wasn't Mikolo, it was some other brand. I'm not sure what that is about exactly, but it's the same machine that I ordered, so it's not a big deal.

I've done multiple exercises on the machine, such as bench press, squats, flies, lat pulldowns, curling, rowing and a few others and found that the machine does everything I need it to do in order to get back in shape. I tried the pull-up bars, but I uh, need some more strength training to achieve those properly. They're sturdy though, I'll say that.

I had to adjust the cables a few times as they had gone slack after about a month in, but it wasn't difficult to do and took only a few minutes for each side.

If you're looking for a machine that has multiple workout options and you really hate having to go to the gym for a proper workout, consider the K6 as an option!

Outstanding Piece of Home Gym Equipment

I am a former accomplished wrestler and powerlifter. I was looking for a Power Rack so I could start building strength back into my legs and chest. I am pleasantly surprised with the Mikolo K6 Power Rack. So let me begin my review.
First - Expect a couple of separate deliveries for this system. If you purchase extras like plates and bars, you could have up to 5 separate deliveries (they're heavy packages). I did not know this. I can tell you, Customer Service (online) was Outstanding in explaining and helping me track my shipments. Excellent Customer Service.
The packaging and actual pieces are impressive. You can tell this equipment is laser cut. And they package it beautifully. They take care in wrapping and shipping. Also, the pieces are immaculate. The directions and diagrams are well done (easy to follow) I used exactly every nut, washer, and bolt. The nice thing is they give you a few extra in case you lose a few. TIP: When you unwrap everything, do not take the plastic wrapping off until you're ready to attach. The plastic wrap has the part numbers on it. Also, I highly suggest a ratchet set (metric) to build this system (you don't need a rubber mallet). You will need a fair amount of time to build this, unless you've built one before.
Okay, so I was a little skeptical about it's stability. But, once everything was bolted into place, this power rack is Rock Solid. It doesn't shake or rattle when you rack the weights.
I'm not a big fan of the cable systems I've tried in the past. this system is really smooth - no WD40 needed. I did keep my adjustable wrench and ratchet available to make minor tweaks to the pulley wheels after my first lift.
There are 2 very minor adjustments I would make to the Mikolo K6 Power Rack: 1) I would drill a hole at the end of the Safety Bar (C3) to accommodate a Ring Pin (C9). This would make sure that the safety bars don't pop out in the middle of the lift. I was adjusting the Olympic bar during bent over rows and noticed the safety bars were sliding (It's truly because everything fits so well). The second adjustment is to include larger size clips (D3) for the cable attachments (Attach the bolt through the very bottom of the clip). The small ones don't allow for free movement of the attachments (e.g. Triceps Rope).
In conclusion - This is an incredible system and well worth the money. Customer Support is fantastic and I fully expect to make future purchases. Totally satisfied!

Chris Galoppe
Best home gym rack for the buck!

My wife and I love working out, but with us both working and gyms becoming more crowded we decided to pull the trigger on some at home gym machines. Converting our garage into a mini gym for the two of us. This k6 power rack machine has everything u need. We ofcourse got a few more machines on the way to further our workout experience. With that said, it’s a great home gym rack with all the necessary pulley systems to work out your whole body.