MIKOLO P5 Power Rack

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Numbered 3"x3" uprights and 12-gauge steel rack with a robust attachment ecosystem

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If you want a well-constructed rack with plenty of options/attachments that you plan to use consistently for at least a few years. If you’re an advanced lifter who moves a lot of weight. Even if you’re a beginner or intermediate who might be okay with a less durable and less feature-rich budget rack. A good mid-range power rack is an excellent choice. You should still consider a mid-range rack under any of the following circumstances: (1)If you can afford to spend a bit more (2)If you want certain features and options only available on mid-range racks (3)If you plan on using your home gym for years to come. This is an important point to stress. If you’ll be using your rack for a long time, you’re essentially investing.

The P5 is MIKOLO's most configurable system, with a robust attachment ecosystem. The bolt-together racks feature 3x3-inch 12-gauge square steel uprights with laser-cut keyholes spaced 2-inches on center and laser-cut numbers throughout the front and back of the uprights and crossmembers. Additionally, the Power Rack comes standard with Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-Hooks, Strap Safeties, Plate storage posts,landmine,and Band peg. The High-End package adds 4 strength training stations, 4 functional attachments- a dip bar, jammer arms (pair),  LAT pull down system and a leg curl attachment. Customizable, durable, and exceptionally functional, crush your fitness goals without the weighted stress of a price tag Now.

  • Material
    3x3" 12-Gauge Steel
  • Overall Height
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Depth
  • Hole Spacing
  • Hole Size
  • Weight Post Diameter
    1" & 2"
  • Product Weight
    200 lbs
  • Rackable Capacity
  • Whole Capacity


    Challenge different grip, arm, and back muscles using multiple pull-up options integrated right into the functional trainer.


    There is a wider range of cage accessories from different brands that specifically fit 1-inch holes. This more precise hole spacing lets you choose exactly how high to set the safety bar or J-cups, lets you have more control over your lifts, encourages better form, and, ultimately, will help you to see real growth even as you advance through your weightlifting career.

    Sandwich j-hooks are the strongest type of j-hooks there are. These have a more robust frame that can handle more weight.The screws/bolts used to secure the UHMW go through the side instead of through the top. Another key design feature of sandwich j-hooks is that they’re narrower than the actual uprights of the power rack. This gives you a little extra side-to-side clearance.


    You can slam a loaded bar against it repeatedly without wearing away the knurling. This is great if you plan on doing rack pulls, rack lockouts, concentric squats, or any other exercises that involve starting and ending with the barbell on the catches.


    The integrated band pegs on the base and headplate provide the option to create added resistance with bands up to a max weight capacity of 540lbs.


    You can customize your system with the addition of a bar, bench, plates, or a range of compatible tools and accessories designed specifically for the 3"x3" Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It's compatible with various 3"x3" attachments on the market to expand your exercise options. And we do offer 3x3 Series Attachments to fits your racks.

Mikolo P5 Power Rack don't have to be bolted down. However, Bolting Down Your 3X3 Rack Ensures that it's as Solid as a Rock and Won't Go Anywhere, even if You're Lifting the Heaviest Weights Known to Man.

There is a storage barbell set on the top, you could hang your barbell on.

Yes, the landmine is detachable, allows for 360° adjusted.

The Mikolo P5 Rack is a Modular Squat Rack designed to compete with the Best 3x3 Power Racks in the Industry, But at a More Affordable Price. Mikolo Tank Rack aims to Make Premium Power Racks Accessible to a Broader Range of Fitness Enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Sree Velicheti
Rock solid and very affordable

This is one of the most affordable 3x3 full size power racks I could find on the market. I don't know what more the well known brands like Rogue and Rep offer, this seems to have everything I need, including numbered holes.

Joel Salto
P5 power rack

Been using this rack since I received it. It was super easy to assemble. All the bolts, nuts & washers were labeled. The rack feels solid, I don’t have it bolted it’s sitting on top of horse stall mats. I have my fingers crossed and pray Mikolo will come out with their own version of the Athena for this rack. That would be so awesome🤞🏼. But besides that, I’m looking forward to adding the lat and low row system, leg curl and extension and also the dip bar and jammer arms.

Anson Reed

My members love the New Power Racks, I will be purchasing two more before the month end so i can take advantage of the jan deals. Thanks again.

I like it.

Bought this through Amazon. I like it. On Amazon, only the red version is available. The red they chose is kind of a sickly looking red, but is not a reason not to buy it. It was less expensive than the more well known vendors. That's why I bought it. However, I couldn't hack the sickly red color so I went out and bought spray paint and painted the uprights and feet white. I left the black pieces black. It is now a thing of beauty. Looks matter. Anything to make you want to lift weights.

I wanted to attach another vendor's front feet so that I could work outside the rack. I bought a pair. (Painted those white too). So I had to ream out the half inch holes. Could have used longer half inch bolts, but it didn't seem like the thing to do. It was a bit of a pain. I bought a reaming bit that I'm sure that I will never use again. Mikolo, why not just use 1" holes all the way to the bottom? Maybe patent issues? Obviously, 1/2" fasteners are adequate, but since you don't sell attachments for extending the rack, you might want to consider this for people who want to buy your equipment.

All in all it was a good purchase. If I had to do it again, knowing what I know now, maybe I would have made life easier on myself and spent a little more on something else that was more easy to attach to. But c'est la vie

Easy to assmebly all attachments

Takes less than one minutes, could adjust the position of the handle, which helps a lot for all kinds of jammer exercises