MIKOLO M4 Smith Machine

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The M4 All In One Trainer feature adjustable and independent dual pulley system. Have a fun and efficient training with your workout buddy.
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Start with the M4 smith machine when looking to build your dream home gym with enhanced safety features and more attachments to support a variety of training needs.

The MIKOLO M4 base unit combines an entire commercial gym into a single power rack footprint, including a power cage, smith machine, functional trainer, pull up, dip handles, low row, and a Lat Pulldown station.

The adjustable and independent dual pulley system is designed for partner workouts, which means you can do super set with it and training together with your family and friends.

The MIKOLO M4 is Ideal for when:

  • You want to lift safely without a spotter
  • Your workout space is limited
  • You want to skip the commute to the gym
  • You want to work out safely and privately
  • You want a complete all-in-one trainer
  • You want a fun and efficient training with your workout buddy
    • Material
      2x2" 14-Gauge Steel
    • Overall Height
    • Overall Width
    • Overall Depth
    • Hole Spacing
    • Hole Size
    • Weight Post Diameter
    • Product Weight
      375 lbs
    • Smith barbell Weight
      35 lbs
    • Pulley Ratio
      2:1 & 1:1
    • Cable Weight Capacity
    • Rackable Capacity
    • Whole Capacity
  • 2x2-inch 14-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Plate-Loaded Smith Machine
  • 4" Hole Spacing Throughout With 1” Pinholes
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • (8) Plate Storage Posts
  • Spring Loaded Safety Stops
  • Heavy-Duty Safety Spotter Arms
  • Band Peg for Added Resistance
  • Adjustable and Independent Dual Pulley System
  • Linear Bearings Facilitate Smooth and Controlled Motion
  • Adjustable Safety Catches to Prevent Injuries In The Case of Failed Reps
  • Battle Rope Anchor for Improving Muscular Endurance and Overall Strength
  • Features

    Adjustable Dual Pulleys

    The dual pulleys allow for cable crossovers and many strength exercises. Adjust the pulleys from the top to the bottom of the unit to target different muscles and exercises.

    Pull Up Bar And Landmine

    Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars for the upper body such as pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises and TRX. Pair with your barbell, plates, and T-bar for adding various shoulder and core exercises to your training.

    Cable System

    A cable system offers a variety of exercise options that are not available with traditional free weights, such as cable curls, cable tricep extensions, and cable crossovers.

    Frequently Asked Question

    2" opening (olympic size)

    The barbell cannot come off. You may disassemble it and then use it that way but it will still have the smith safety hooks on it.

    Is included. Not only that, our cable handle has 5 different heights. You can adjust the appropriate height and position according to your height and training needs to complete the best strength training for you.

    There are no weight plates included.

    We will be equipped with J hooks, dip bars, t-bar, leg hold-down attachment, footboard, landmine, pulley sleeve slidings, resistance band pegs, lat pull-down bar, cable bar, tricep rope, and safety bar.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Skye Delgado
    Impressive Smooth and efficient Smith bar system.

    One aspect that sets the Mikolo M4 Smith Machine apart is its smooth and efficient Smith bar system. The bar glides effortlessly along the guide rods, allowing for precise and controlled movements. I particularly appreciate the counterweight system, which reduces the overall resistance during exercises and enhances the feeling of safety and control.

    Appreciate the completely free accessories

    The Mikolo M4 Smith Machine includes various attachments and accessories, such as a pull-up bar and cable pulley system, expanding the exercise options even further. The pulleys are smooth and provide consistent resistance, making it easy to target specific muscles and achieve a well-rounded workout.

    Tyler Graf
    High quality machine

    The build quality of the Mikolo M4 Smith Machine is outstanding. The sturdy steel construction ensures durability and stability, allowing for intense workouts without any wobbling or safety concerns. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this machine, from the smooth movements of the bar to the solid feel of the weight plates.

    Like the gym- no customer service

    I really like the finished product. Unfortunately, the gym came with none of the parts labeled. There were 2 parts that did not fit. I emailed and called customer service (voicemail only) and never received a reply from either. I had to drill a hole into the brackets to make it fit. The instruction manual was very poor, along with unlabeled parts and the 2 parts that would not fit correctly, installation was very long and frustrating. Disappointed with the lack of any customer service. Since the gym has been assembled, no complaints.

    MIKOLO M4 Smith Machine

    Received the M4 machine one week after purchasing. The machine was east to put up with the help of another person.

    It was to my surprise that the machine was an upgrade from the advertised model. Many of the negative points were fixed in my machine. Notable the cables and the bar hooks.

    Would definitely recommend purchasing it.

    Todd Moss
    M4 Smith Machine

    So far, great product! Relatively easy to assemble, only missing one small part (due to rough shipping). MIKOLO was responsive and is sending me a replacement part. I would buy from them again.