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Falcon Functional Trainer

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Sale price$2,279.99

Selectorized Weight Stack System: Falcon cable crossover machine Unlike other cable crossover machines on the market, its single-sided weight stack system can meet the simultaneous 2:1&1:1 ratio (just adjust the clips). Lets you very easily perform drop sets or super sets with virtually no rest between sets. It also means less moving around and handling weights between your sets. It makes you more efficient so you can focus more on actual training instead of preparing to train.
62" Wider Frame: Falcon front uprights spacing 62-inch. One benefit of the wider frame is that you feel a deeper pec stretch at the top of the range of motion when doing cable fly because your arms can open up even further. It's an experience you can't get with a 54" spacing cable machine. In addition, a wider frame makes the entire unit more stable.

Functional Trainer:Compare other cable machines., Falcon is equipped with an independent pulley system and provides true isolateral-based movements and a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. 17 cable positions and more training attachments, give you to do an impressive 75+ cable exercises. You can do 9 basic chin-up variations based solely on the various ways you can grip the handles.
Compact Design For Home Gym: Compact space-saving design perfectly fits your home gym corner! The practical floor area is only 10.2 square feet. In addition, this machine with a height of 88.6 inches is more suitable for the ceiling in your home. (Average basement height is 96”). Add a little fun to your home gym organization with the addition of DIY hooks and a holey board.