MIKOLO M7 Smith Machine

Sale price$1,499.99

Sale price$1,499.99

10-In-1 Gym Station: M7 base unit consolidates an entire commercial gym into a single power rack footprint, offering a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Lat Pulldown, Low Row, Smith Machine, Vertical Leg Press, Chin Up, Dip Station, Core Trainer, and Suspension Trainer. And you'll receive over (16) rack attachments, (6) Weight Storage Pins, (6) Storage Hooks, and (1) barbell holder—all at an irresistible price!
Premium Quality Gym Equipment. Built with 2”x2”, 14 gauge steel tube and aluminum pulleys, M7 smith machine has undergone rigorous testing by professional factory engineers, ensuring a stable structure and enduring performance. Assembled dimensions: 75.9 ''(L) x 51.2 ''(W) x 80.7 ''(H).

Space-Efficient & Cost-Saving Design. Multifunctional Power Cage M7 is remarkably compact, housing 10 different training stations within about a third of the usual footprint. It offers most features needed for a home gym while saving you at least $1000 compared to purchasing separate equipment.
Versatile Design. Come with lat bar, cable bar, tricep rope, and a pair of D-handles, also a T-bar, Enjoy access to 40+ free weight barbell exercises, an impressive selection of 75+ cable exercises, 30+ Smith machine exercises, 30+ core trainer exercises, 10 basic chin-up variations with different grips, 2 fundamental dip variations (wide and narrow grip), 80+ suspension trainer exercises, and 3 leg press variations: narrow, shoulder-width, and wide stance leg press.


Customer Reviews

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Jose M
Must have!!!!

This has to be the ultimate badass machine, enjoyed putting it together and now I get to enjoy all my favorite routines at home instead of driving to the gym. So far my best purchase in 2024. Pssst! All my neighbors are jealous LOL!!!

eric z.
Good machine, easy assembly

We put the machine together within a couple of hours. The directions weren’t very good but that didn’t stop us. Pretty easy assembly. One of the pulleys was broken and after only 1 email they are sending us a new one. Customer service was very good

Looks good

Machine looks good, came with almost all parts except for some bushing sleeve on 1 of the cable handles, i have messaged the shop and quickly have accepted the error and will send over the parts to me, apart from that machine looks solid

do not skip your leg day

The leg press attachment runs smoothly as training, also it is pretty easy to install, takes 5 seconds to remove, if you do not need the attachment, you could store it anywhere

Great machine for home gym

I have been using this in my home gym for two weeks now. No more waiting to use a piece of equipment and no more over crowding. Cable system works nice and the safety bars look sturdy but they are. The attachments work and only time will tell about durability and reliability. So far so good

Skye Delgado
Amazing home gym

Highly recommend this product. For the price, it blew away my expectations. The build quality is great and its very sturdy. The pulleys are great, but I recommend lubricating them for even smoother functionality. The customer service is also phenomenal.