RSTQ Features

  • Long Lasting Investment

    Long Lasting Investment

    Made of 12 gauge, 40×80 steel pipe, with smooth welding weight capacity up to 800LBS. The weight loading pin allows for the 250lbs rackable capacity.
  • Two Footboard Angles

    Two Footboard Angles

    Tailor your workouts to target specific glute muscles with the two angles footboard. Opt for the inclined angle to engage gluteus maximus or the flat angle for focused gluteus minimus activation.
  • Dual Safety Guarantee

    Dual Safety Guarantee

    With the reliable safety catch system and 2 positions safety limiters, Enjoy complete peace of mind as you push your limits and work towards your fitness goals. Also the shock pad above the stopper reduce the damage on the machine.
  • Resistance Training

    Resistance Training

    Explore a diverse range of resistance training options with 6 dedicated band pegs. Elevate the intensity of your workouts and experience progressive gains.
  • Quick Lock & Release

    Quick Lock & Release

    The hip thrust pad featured with pull-pin quick lock and release mechanism, ensuring the safety and the workout efficiency in comparison to barbell thrust.
  • Easy Moving

    Easy Moving

    Featuring wheels and handles, this machine offers effortless mobility. Plus, it boasts a weight storage pin at the back, maximizing space efficiency.