CS00 Feature

  • compact safety and stable power rack
    The Chest Fly Machine is designed to target and strengthen the chest muscles, providing a smooth and controlled motion to ensure maximum muscle engagement. Ideal for users of all fitness levels, this machine enhances your upper body workouts by isolating the chest muscles and allowing for a focused, effective exercise.
  • safety weight catch bar
    The 7-Degree Smith Machine features a unique angle that mimics natural lower body movements, reducing the risk of injury. Perfect for performing squats and other lower body exercises, its sturdy construction ensures stability and safety during intense workouts. This machine is ideal for users looking to improve their lower body strength with confidence and ease.
  • laser numbering on power rack uprights
    The Cable Machine offers versatile workout options targeting various muscle groups. With adjustable cables, it allows for customized resistance levels to suit your training needs. Perfect for strength training and functional fitness, this machine helps improve overall muscle tone and provides an effective full-body workout.
  • cable system
    The Pull-Up Station provides a solid structure for performing pull-ups and chin-ups, essential for building upper body strength, particularly in the back, shoulders, and arms. Suitable for all fitness levels, this station enhances your overall workout routine by offering a reliable and effective way to perform these fundamental exercises.
  • Upright Gusset Plates
    The Seated Cable Row Machine is designed for effective back muscle development, allowing for smooth and controlled rowing motions that maximize muscle engagement. Ideal for improving posture and building a strong, well-defined back, this machine is a key addition to any strength training regimen.
  • landmine attachment
    The Lat Pulldown Machine targets the latissimus dorsi muscles for a stronger, more defined back. It includes a comfortable utility seat pad to enhance your workout experience, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. With adjustable resistance, this machine offers varied intensity to meet different fitness levels and goals.