P5 Overview

If you want a well-constructed rack with plenty of options/attachments that you plan to use consistently for at least a few years. If you’re an advanced lifter who moves a lot of weight. Even if you’re a beginner or intermediate who might be okay with a less durable and less feature-rich budget rack. A good mid-range power rack is an excellent choice. You should still consider a mid-range rack under any of the following circumstances: (1)If you can afford to spend a bit more (2)If you want certain features and options only available on mid-range racks (3)If you plan on using your home gym for years to come. This is an important point to stress. If you’ll be using your rack for a long time, you’re essentially investing.

The P5 is MIKOLO's most configurable system, with a robust attachment ecosystem. The bolt-together racks feature 3x3-inch 12-gauge square steel uprights with laser-cut keyholes spaced 2-inches on center and laser-cut numbers throughout the front and back of the uprights and crossmembers. Additionally, the Power Rack comes standard with Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-Hooks, Strap Safeties, Plate storage posts,landmine,and Band peg. The High-End package adds 4 strength training stations, 4 functional attachments- a dip bar, jammer arms (pair),  LAT pull down system and a leg curl attachment. Customizable, durable, and exceptionally functional, crush your fitness goals without the weighted stress of a price tag Now.