If you want to invest a MIKOLO smith machine for your home gym, but don’t know whichone to buy, What is the differences between M2 M3 and M4 smith macine. They looks too much similar, and all in 14-Gauge Steel. Then this article is for you. We’re going to get you right on track when it comes to introducing a smith machine to your home gym, Following we would go on from three main aspect: Pulley system design, Smith attachment, and the uprights construction

Differences on pulley system

  • M4 build with adjustable and independent dual pulley system, which is designed for partner workouts,means you can do super set with it and training together with your family and friends. While M2 and M3 version only with one pulley system, just allows one person workouots

  • M2 and M4 Smith with easy-adjustable pin-on system, allows changing the pulley height at ease. While M3 Smith requires uninstall and then install the entire pulley, which takes more time for adjusting the pulley height.

Differences on attachments

  • The M2 and M4 smith machine come with a leg hold down attachment, The leg hold down attachment  provides additional support and control throughout the lat pull down and seated row. For more details on the leg hold down attachment, please see the blog”ALL ABOUT THE LEG HOLD DOWN ATTACHMENT”

  • The M3 come with Dip Station, helps as Leg Raises, which is an effective bodyweight movement that strengthens your abs, develops your core, and improves stability.

Differences on uprights construction

  • The M4 smith mahcine is in 2”×2”uprights, 1” hole size, could be compatible with most of rack attachments

  • The M3 smith machine is also in  2”×2”uprights, while in 20mm hole size; M2 smith machine is in 2”×3” uprights, 1” hole size

  • If you’d like to explore more rack attachments, like leg curl and extension rack attachement, jammer arms. please take the uprights construction into condsideration