5 LBS Fractional Plates

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The Color-Coded Fractional Plates are offered in pairs of 0.25 LB (Green), 0.5 LB (Yellow), 0.75 LB (Blue), and 1 LB (Red), creating a complete set of 5-pounds. Each plate features a 52 mm collar opening and a durable rubber coating for a lasting hold on any standard Olympic barbell. The plates provide a matte finish with color-coded weight dimensions for easy identification during your workout and between sets. For those looking to get everything down to the last pound, these Fractional Plates are what you need!

  • Sold as a full set: 1lbs*2+0.75lbs*2+0.5lbs*2+0.25lbs*2
  • Rubber coated steel with matte finish
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Raised plate lip makes picking up easier
Sale price$49.99

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