What is Hack Squat and How to Do It

What is Hack Squat and How to Do It

Powerlifting revolves around three major compound lifts: the squat, deadlift, and bench press. These exercises should be the cornerstone of any well-structured program. However, incorporating vari...

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The Fitness Hack That Changed My Life

As someone who has struggled with maintaining a consistent fitness routine, I've discovered a fitness hack that has been an absolute game-changer for me: combining exercise with entertainment. Spec...

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Is Fitness Becoming Too Complicated and Consumption-Focused

Recently, I started going to the gym, keeping my routine simple: 30 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes of resistance weights. It's enjoyable and straightforward. However, after activating a f...

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Which Way Do You Face on an Angled Smith Machine

Navigating the gym environment, especially with versatile equipment like the Smith machine, can be intimidating and confusing. Among the array of tools that promise a better physique and healthier ...

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Is there a reason to use the Smith machine?

When it comes to weight training, the Smith machine often evokes strong opinions. Some lifters swear by its utility, while others dismiss it in favor of free weights. If you're skeptical about usi...

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How to Use a Squat Rack: A Comprehensive Guide

Squat racks are indispensable for anyone serious about building strength and muscle in their legs and glutes. This guide will walk you through how to use a squat rack effectively, ensuring you max...

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