G4 Features

  • Space Saving

    Space Saving

    Maximize your home gym space with our wall-mounted machine, occupying just 5.83 square feet!.
  • Smooth Training

    Smooth Training

    Lightweight yet durable aluminum pulleys reduces friction between the pulley and the rope or cable, enhancing smoothness as pulling.
  • Customizable


    Featuring 27 height options on the rails, our machine caters to users of all heights. With versatile cable attachments, you can enjoy a full-body.
  • Efficient exercise

    Efficient exercise

    Simply inserting a pin into the desired weight stack, Say goodbye to lengthy interruptions for plate changes, and hello to a more efficient workout experience.
  • Quality Manufacturing

    Quality Manufacturing

    Build with 12 gauge steel, plus we promise the lifetime warrenty, it would be a long lasting investment
  • None Slip Footboard

    None Slip Footboard

    The anti-slip footboard play an vital role as rowing, by providing a stable platform for the your feet, enhance safety also maximum stability.