CHEETAH Features

  • Attachment Ecosystem

    Attachment Ecosystem

    Made in 2" ×2” uprights and 1" hole, is compatible with a ton of attachments, with new attachments consistently being developed.
  • Flat Foot Base

    Flat Foot Base

    A flat foot base provides a wider base, stabilizes the rack, prevent tipping or wobbling, eliminates the need to bolt it down.
  • Independent Dual Pulley System

    Independent Dual Pulley System

    1:1 ratio Independent dual-pulley system allows for super set, drop set, co-training. Promote muscle growth and build muscular endurance.
  • Enlengthen Spotter Arms

    Enlengthen Spotter Arms

    Extend the coverage area help install your confidence as pushing your limits.
  • Hole Spacing

    Hole Spacing

    1"hole spacing allows for micro-adjust for rack attachments, provide more flexibility and comfort.
  • Storage Design

    Storage Design

    With detachable weight holders, allows for your olympic or standard weights.