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Standing 5.83 feet tall and creating a 30" x 28" footprint, the precision-built MIKOLO G4 PulleyTower offers an easily adjustable stand-alone column for a wide range of cable machine exercises, including rows, curls, tricep pushdowns, cable crossovers, and more.
The G4 Pulley Tower is welded, painted, and assembled utilizing 2"x3” 11-gauge steel, Users can adjust the weight load via the 200 LB weight stack, which is broken into 15.5 LB increments, in 13 pieces of weight stacks. G4 Pulley Tower Features in 2:1 cable ratio (i.e., with the pin set at 250 LBS, the pull resistance is actually 125 LBS).
The single handle pulley assembly features a 180-degree swivel and can be quickly set up high or low depending on the workout, There are 27 different height adjustment settings on the 2x3 rail, The pulley utilizing the aluminum material, users can easily move the swivel up and down without damaging the cable.