MIKOLO M7 Home Gym Package

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S2 Weight Bench: Black
Barbell: Black
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M7 home gym package

M7 Home Gym Package

√ Start your fitness routines without unnecessary wait times or compatibility issues.

√ Save more money than buying items separately.

√ Skip the headache of decision-making.

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The M7 is an all-in-one Smith machine that combines a Smith machine, leg press attachment, and adjustable dual independent cable system. With the price of one Smith machine, you can perform a full-body workout. Our M7 includes many free attachments: J hooks, dip bars, leg press attachment, safety catches, landmine, band pegs, and a pair of D handles, offering comprehensive exercise options. Also, with the dual independent pulley system, easy to perform co-training.

In terms of safety, compared to free weight training, the Smith bar's safety hooks and stoppers significantly enhance training security Additionally, the 20” extended safety bars provide additional protection for the lifter, also provide more choices on starting position. Come to the details, we use aluminum pulleys for smoother cable training, also features six storage sleeves and four built-in holders, eliminating the need for extra storage racks.