Heavy Resistance Bands

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The Multi-Pack Heavy Resistance Bands include 4 different strength-resistant bands. Made from durable latex, these resistance bands aid in pull-up assistance, add resistance to stretches and bodyweight exercises, and add resistance to the barbell for a variety of lifts. Each set of resistance bands measures 41-inches in length and features the MIKOLO logo. The green bands (15-35 lb. resistance) and the Blue bands (25-65 lb. resistance) are made for ultra-resistance for intermediate or light-weight beginners with pull-ups. The Red bands (35-85 lb. resistance) are for weightlifting, and the Black bands (50-125lb. resistance) are made for adding weight to powerlifts.

  • Max 82-inch long resistance band
  • Printed MIKOLO logo
  • Color-coded by resistance level
  • Green and BLue resistance for intermediate or light-weight beginners with pull-ups
  • Red resistance for people over 200 LB that are beginners with pull-ups and for weightlifting
  • Black resistance for adding weight to power lifts
Sale price$69.99

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