Z8 Features

  • 1:1 Cable Ratio

    1:1 Cable Ratio

    Equipped with a built-in lat tower and seated row system featuring a 1:1 cable ratio, this ensures the weight you lift matches the actual weight loaded. providing smooth and consistent resistance, allowing for more precise control during exercises.
  • Knurled Smith Barbell

    Knurled Smith Barbell

    Features a precisely engineered knurled Smith bar. This textured design significantly increases friction, allowing users to maintain a firm and secure grip during their workouts.
  • Security Assurance

    Security Assurance

    The safety stoppers and catches ensuring extra security. also serve as dependable backups in case of muscle failure or unexpected issues during a lift, enabling users to push their limits safely.
  • Four Removable Band Pegs

    Band Pegs

    Come with four removable band pegs for resistance training, ideal for breaking through weight plateaus and setting new personal bests. Resistance bands provide unique tension to build strength and endurance, supporting progressive overload and functional training.
  • Integrated Storage Design

    Integrated Storage Design

    Features integrated weight storage pins and a barbell holder for an organized home gym. Easy access to weights and barbells reduces downtime and enhances workout efficiency, creating a safer and more motivating environment.
  • Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

    Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

    Features a multi-grip pull-up bar for diverse hand positions, targeting back muscles from various angles for balanced development and overall upper body strength. Wide grips target the lats and upper back, while narrow grips focus on the biceps, brachialis, and lower traps.