K3 Features

  • Cost-Effective


    Base unit combines an entire gym into a single power rack footprint, including a power cage, adjustable cable crossover system, pull up, dip handles, landmine and band pegs.
  • Quality Construction

    Quality Construction

    The MIKOLO-K3 uses heavy-duty 2" ×3" square laser-cut steel uprights, enabling higher weight capacity. Its flat basement also enhances overall stability.
  • Weight Storage Rack

    Weight Storage Rack

    Comes with an additional storage rack, expanding the effective space of your home gym and reducing time wasted searching for weight plates.
  • Adjustable Dual Pulley System

    Adjustable Dual Pulley System

    Come with three cable attachments: Lat bar, a pair of cable handle, a cable bar. Based the dual adjustable pulley system, hit your upper body muscles effectively.
  • Straight Pull Up Bars

    Straight Pull Up Bars

    We've upgraded the original curved pull-up bars to straight ones, better suited for gyms with limited height.
  • Wide and Narrow Grip Dip Bars

    Wide and Narrow Grip Dip Bars

    Dip is a compound exercise that targets the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Emphasizing the chest with a wider grip or targeting the triceps with a narrower grip.