HR00 Features

  • 5 Adjustable Width Settings

    5 Adjustable Width Settings

    With an adjustable pin, the width can be set to 5 different positions, ranging from 37" to 49", with 2” increments between each setting. The width-adjustable squat rack not only accommodates 6ft and 7ft Olympic bars but also adapts to different training needs in various spaces..
  • Stable Base designn

    Stable Base design

    To enhance the stability of the rack, we have added triangular gussets and drillable anchor plates at the base. Even during heavy weight training or pull-up exercises, you can be assured that the rack will remain steady and secure.
  • Foam-padded Pull-up Bar

    Foam-padded Pull-up Bar

    For improved grip strength during pull-ups, we've introduced a foam padding design to the pull-up bar. This foam padding offers enhanced comfort compared to knurled designs and reduces strain on the hands.
  • Extended 20-inch Spotter Arm

    Extended 20-inch Spotter Arm

    The extended 20" spotter arm allows for a wider range of motion during exercises such as bench presses, squats, and overhead presses, particularly for athletes training alone.
  • Straight Pull Up Bars

    U-Shaped Resistance Band Attachment

    The U-shaped design ensures a secure grip on the resistance band, minimizing the risk of slippage or displacement during exercises and maintaining stability throughout the workout.
  • Landmine Attachment

    Landmine Attachment

    Landmine exercises can target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, also involve less stress on the joints compared to traditional free weight exercises.