Belt Squat attachment Overview

An effective leg workout:Squats target various muscle groups simultaneously, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. This engagement of multiple muscles in one compound movement leads to comprehensive leg development.
Versatility Rack Attachment: Thanks to the Universal Hook, you will be able to attach various accessories such as a belt squat belt, front squat harness, Zercher strap, and even single, parallel or wide t-bar row handles! By attaching various accessories, you can not only do belt squats, but also do bicep curls and bent-over rowing, as well as guided deadlifts.

Alleviate back strain: Our Belt Squat Attachment is designed to alleviate back strain and provide an optimal lower body workout, By transferring the load to your hips and legs, allows you to bypass upper body strains and focus on strengthening your lower body. Perfect for those rehabilitating from upper-body injuries or those without access to a belt squat machine, also a completely beginner-friendly attachment.
Easy to Assemble: Simply slide the mounting bracket into the upright and use the included plug to lock it into place. Just needs less than 3 minutes. When you're not using a belt squat attachment, you can prop it up anywhere, even on the rack.