F4 Features

  • compact safety and stable power rack

    Minimal Footprint

    The compact design offers stability and versatility, not only ensuring safety but also freeing up more space to move about. With 80.6" overall height uprights, the F4 power cage is suitable for lower ceilings.
  • safety weight catch bar

    Safety & Protection

    The safety weight catch bar acts as a robust fail-safe, offering unparalleled support. The solid design provides an additional layer of security, easy to boost your confidence and push personal limits without fear of injury.
  • laser numbering on power rack uprights

    Laser Cut Numbers

    Laser cut numbering on uprights offers precision and convenience, allowing you to easily remember and align your preferred installation height for various exercises.
  • cable system

    2:1 Ratio Cable System

    F4 integrates a power rack and cable system, providing a comprehensive full-body training. The user-friendly 2:1 pulley ratio detail reduces the risk of injury, perfect for targeted muscle training.
  • Upright Gusset Plates

    Upright Gusset Plates

    Upright gusset plates significantly boost F4 power cage's stability, ensuring a solid and secure frame for even intense workouts, not only allows you to lift heavier weight with confidence but broaden the range of possible exercises because of the enhanced load capacity.
  • landmine attachment

    Landmine Attachment

    360° landmine attachment brings a dynamic range of rotational exercises, enhancing the core muscle, shoulders, back, legs, and arms, offering a full-body strength.