Deadlift Jack

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Benefit Of Deadlift Jack: The deadlift jack lifts one end of the barbell off the ground, eliminating the need to awkwardly lift and hold a heavily loaded barbell while changing plates, speeds up the process of loading and unloading plates.

Durable and Safety : With 700lbs weight capacity, meet most lifters' training needs. The widened and non-slip base makes it less likely to tip over or wobble, which can prevent potential injuries to the user and damage to the equipment.

Comfortable Grip:  The ergonomic handles provides a better grips, naturally to the shape of your hand, provides better controlling on the deadlift jack, reduces the risk of slipping, leading to more effective and safety workout.

Compact And Portability: Weights on 6 lbs, the compact size of 13“(H) × 8.3”(L) ×4.13“(W), allows it to easily fit into your gym bags. you can still enjoy it's benefits even if you train in commercial gym. Beside, 1" opening size, makes it could be used for all barbells. 

Sale price$69.99

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