H11 Features

  • Independent Dual Pulley System

    Independent Dual Pulley System

    The H11 Smith Machine's independent dual pulley system is a game-changer for family workouts, offering incredible versatility. Its innovative design ensures that everyone can have a blast while exercising together.
  • Smith machine shoulder press

    Bearings & Shock Absorption

    The premium bearings and bottom spring shock absorption system of the shoulder press offer smooth performance. It enhances your workout experience, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency while minimizing strain.
  • Smooth Pulley System

    Seated Cable Row Machine

    The Seated Cable Row System elevates your strength training, providing optimal back muscle engagement. It offers smooth, consistent resistance for every rep. Additionally, its adjustable footboard promote comfort and correct form.
  • cable crossover

    Cable Crossover

    The cable crossover on the Smith Machine offers a comprehensive workout. It ensures smooth and controlled movements, making it easier to target multiple muscle groups and enhance your fitness routine while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Horizontal Plate Storage

    Horizontal Plate Storage

    The horizontal plate storage maximizes your organization, providing more space and convenience. It includes four hooks for attachment storage, horizontal plate storage for quick access, and a dedicated barbell holder, ensuring a tidy workout space.
  • Band Pegs

    Quick Installation Accessories

    The accessories on the Smith Machine ensure effortless setup, providing unparalleled convenience. This design allows for a fast and straightforward installation, making it easy to get your workout space ready without hassle.