M7 Features

  • Knurling Pull Up Bar

    Knurling Pull Up Bar

    32mm Knurling provides texture to the surface of the bar, enhances grip by increasing friction between the bar and your hands, 3 grips allow users to target different muscle groups, including the back, biceps, shoulders, and forearms.
  • Upgrade Spotter Arms

    Upgrade Spotter Arms

    19.96" length extended spotter arms provide additional protection for the lifter, also provide more choices on starting position. The 1/4" thickness anti-collision design pe material, helps reduce the wear on the barbell.
  • Anti-Scratch Pulley Sleeve

    Anti-Scratch Pulley Sleeve

    The pulley sleeves upgraded to the oval shape, which would greatly reduce wear on the cable. The upgraded aluminum pulley also increases the smoothness as training.
  • Leg Press Attachment

    Leg Press Attachment

    TThe 4 levels of safety catches cater to users of different heights and stop at the closest position when you're feeling tired. The pin-insert design allows for seconds assembly.
  • Independence Double Pulley System

    Independence Double Pulley System

    43.3" width of pulley syetem allows for full-range of cable crossover, also the independence instruction allows for partner workouts. With the 1:1 cable ratio, the resistance provided by the cable machine is completely equal to weight loaded.
  • Band Pegs

    Band Pegs

    TBand training allows for variable resistance throughout the range of motion, making exercises more challenging at the top where the bands are fully stretched.