WR00 Features

  • Folding Rack To Maximize Space Savings

    Folding Rack To Maximize Space Savings

    Maximize your space with our folding squat rack! Expandable to a mere 9.5 SQ.FT when fully opened, and folding down to just 3 SQ.FT when not in use, it's the ultimate solution for home gyms, cramped basements, or cozy family garages. Perfect for those who crave quality workouts in tight quarter.
  • Dual And Independence Cable Systems

    Dual And Independence Cable System

    The dual independent cable systems feature a 1:1 cable ratio, allowing for co-training and enhancing efficiency and interaction. This ratio ensures precise, true-to-weight resistance for effective workouts. The 15 adjustable positions on the uprights have laser-cut numerical labels, ensuring easy alignment when adjusting the height.
  • Independent Dual Pulley System

    Durable Wall-Mounted Design

    Featuring reinforced screw-in wall mounts, this wall-mounted squat rack is built to handle up to 1000 lbs with ease, ensuring your safety during the most intense workouts.
  • Versatility Attachments Ecosystem

    Attachments Ecosystem

    Integrates a power rack, cable crossover machine, lat pulldown machines, pull-up bar, and more into one sleek unit.The 2" x 2" upright size with 1" hole diameter makes it easier to find compatible attachments, also a pair of cable handles and a pull up bar included.
  • Quick Adjuatable Setting

    Quick Adjuatable Setting

    With five adjustable settings - folded, semi-open, power rack, functional trainer, and cable crossover machine - you have the versatility to tackle any workout. Plus, With quick-adjust pins both above and below, you can switch between settings in just 15 seconds, ensuring your workouts are always tailored to your needs.
  • Adjustable Footpads

    Adjustable Footpads

    Adjustable footpads ensure that when adjusting the width of the rack, the rack won't come into contact with the floor, even on uneven surfaces. This allows for smooth adjustments without any friction between the rack and the ground.