The 2023’s version - Mikolo K6 Power rack was published, which is a combination of a cable crossover machine, power rack, cable machine, and power tower. In this article, we delve into the remarkable capabilities of this state-of-the-art power rack, exploring how it can elevate your fitness journey, maximize your strength gains

What has been Upgraded?

Upgraded Structures. Mikolo K6 Power Rack is made of a 14 gauge steel tube for the rack frame, a professional gym-level material. The power rack weighs 220 lbs with 8 reinforcing tabs which increase its stability during training. The capacity is loading to 1500 lbs.

Upgraded Design. Mikolo K6 Power rack is designed to be an all-in-one versatility home gym machine, combined with a cable crossover machine, power rack, cable machine, and power tower, which means that you could spend one machine money to get four products with different functions. Comes to the attachments, we mainly upgrade the design of band pegs and landmine in K6 version.

Upgrade band pegs: We add the amount to 6 pieces, 3 on each side, including 2 on the top rod. Some may ask, what can i do with the band pegs on the top rop? It helps a lot as you workout with barbell, it makes the barbells hang in the air and which can increase the stability of the barbell and also make the training safer. It also provide the extra lend force during pull-ups. As for the two on the bottom, they provide the extra resistance for your lifting training

Upgrade landmine: The detachable design allows you to mount anywhere you want. Dual-diameter holes are corresponding to the 1”&2” barbells.

Upgrade battle rope ring: The K6 power rack is built with a welded battle rope ring. Comparing to the common type, Its strength, stability, and reduced wear and tear provide a reliable and long-lasting anchor point for your battle rope, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

Upgraded Space saving: The Mikolo K6 Power rack is 56.5”W×67.5”L×86.4”H. Generally, Power rack requires more space than other fitness equipment. To maximize space efficiency, we upgraded in the following 3 tips:

  • Barbell storage holder on the top rod: With the design, K6 requires less space on width comparing to those build the storage on the side, but more on height. After hanging the barbell, the height requirement increased to 95”.
  • 4 storage hooks:Mikolo K6 power cage come with complete accessories. To save your space, we add 4 storage hooks on the rack, feel free to put all your accessories on.
  • Multi-grips pull-up bar. Comparing to the original types, multi-grips pull-up bar is compact and versatile piece of equipment that takes up minimum space, and easy to be installed and removed, making it suitable for individuals with limited space for exercise equipment.making it suitable for individuals with limited space for exercise equipment.

Upgraded Training possibleJust with on Mikolo K6 Power rack, most of trainees could easily hit the full-body muscle groups. Generally, there is no need for a separate purchase for other fitness machines.

  • Free and complete accessories: Mikolo K6 Power cage comes with complete accessories. It included: T bar x 1, lat pull down bar x 1, triceps rope x 1, cable bar x 1, cable handle x 2, battle rope anchor x 1, J-hook x 2, dip bar x 2, detachable landmine x 1, foot Board x 1, barbell storage hook x 1, barbell spring clamp x 2, safety bar spring clamp x 2. Just with one machine money, you could perform the full-body exercises.
  • Multi-Grips Pull-up Bar: The different grip options include wide grip, narrow grip. A wide grip emphasizes the back muscles, while a narrow grip focuses more on the biceps, this variety can lead to balanced muscle development throughout your upper body.
  1. 2”×2” column size and 1'' holes: If you are an experienced trainee, your training goal is different with beginners, and requires more attachments. The 2”×2”column size and 1” holes can adapt most of accessories on market, you can add the desire one with no effort.

What exercise can i do with the upgrade power rack?

  • Cable Chest Fly: The cable chest fly primarily targets the muscles of the chest, specifically the pectoralis major. It also engages the anterior deltoids (front shoulders) and the triceps as secondary muscles.
  • Lat-pull down: Lat-pull downs target your latissimus dorsi (lats), biceps, and upper back muscles.
  • Bicep curls: Bicep curls primarily target the biceps brachii muscles, which are located on the front of the upper arm. The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle that consists of a long head and a short head.
  • Tricep Pushdowns: Tricep pushdowns primarily target the triceps brachii muscles, which are located on the back of the upper arm. The triceps brachii is a three-headed muscle that consists of a long head, lateral head, and medial head. Focus on using the triceps muscles to extend the elbow while avoiding excessive swinging or momentum. Additionally, varying your grip and using different attachments (e.g., ropes, bars) can slightly alter the muscle emphasis during the exercise.

  • Seated cable row:The seated cable row primarily targets the muscles of the upper back, including the rhomboids, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi. Additionally, it also engages several other muscles as secondary movers and stabilizers.













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