WT01 Features

  • Durable And Stable

    Durable And Stable

    Through rigorous weight testing, our bench supports a total weight capacity of 660 lbs, with handles rated for 220 lbs. Additionally, anti-slip rubber at the base enhances stability during training sessions.
  • Versatile Chest Training

    Versatile Chest Training

    The pin-lock adjustment design allows quick angle changes from 0° to 30° within seconds for incline and flat bench presses. This feature provides versatile chest muscle stimulation, enhancing workout efficiency and effectiveness.
  • 7 Adjustable Height

    7 Adjustable Height

    This bench features 7 adjustable handle heights from 34" to 46", catering to various user heights. Choose the optimal handle position for your height and exercise, ensuring peak performance in every workout
  • Foldable to Maximizes Space

    Foldable to Maximizes Space

    The foldable design allows for quick folding in seconds, reducing the footprint to 11.75 square feet. This maximizes space in your home gym, offering convenience and flexibility while maintaining an efficient workout environment.
  • Safety Barbell Hook

    Safety Barbell Hook

    The barbell safety hook prevents accidental barbell tipping, ensuring secure and stable lifting. This feature significantly enhances safety during workouts, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus entirely on your performance.
  • Organized Bar Storage

    Organized Bar Storage

    The 1” diameter barbell storage holes design ensures you can easily find your barbells as workouts, maintaining a tidy and organized space. This convenience enhances your training efficiency and keeps your workout area clutter-free.