MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package

MIKOLO F4 Home Gym Package

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All-in-one Power Rack with cable system. F4 the best budget home gym equipment for low ceilings.
F4 Power Rack
S2 Bench
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If you’re on a budget but want a great-looking and capable foundation for your home gym get the MIKOLO F4 Power Rack!

Our F4 is the most affordable all-in-one home gym rack on the market, made with 2x2" 14-gauge steel with a 800lbs rackable capacity. Each upright is secured to the base by 4 gusset plates, which allow zero back and forth movement.

This Power Rack with cable system delivers the same training benefits of a traditional Lat Pulldown Machine with the perk of a Low Row attachment to target your arms and back– building your biceps, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles altogether. The F4 Power Rack is the perfect centerpiece in building out your home or garage gym.

The MIKOLO F4 is Ideal for when:

You have a lower ceiling height
Your workout space is limited
You want to lift safely without a spotter
You want to skip the commute to the gym
You want budget home gym equipment

  • Material
    2x2" 14-Gauge Steel
  • Overall Height
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Depth
  • Hole Spacing
  • Hole Size
  • Weight Post Diameter
    1" & 2"
  • Product Weight
    176 lbs
  • Pulley Ratio
  • Cable Weight Capacity
  • Rackable Capacity
  • Whole Capacity
  • 2x2-inch 14-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Plate-Loaded Power Rack
  • 4" Hole Spacing Throughout With 1” Pinholes
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • (4) Plate Storage Posts
  • (2) Accessory Storage Hooks
  • Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Safety Spotter Pins
  • Wide & Narrow Grips Dip Handles
  • LAT Pull-Down System



The F4 power cage come with a ton of attachments. A 360 angle landmine, the footboard for seated rows and so on.


Take your pull-up training to the next level, you can target different muscle groups and improve your overall upper body strength.


The rack is made with 2x2” 14-gauge steel with a 1,200 lbs weight capacity.

Frequently Asked Question

The maximum of the j-hook is 500 lbs, and it's ok to have an extended j-hook. But please confirm that we are for a 1 inch holes.

Considering the using of lat pull-down bar, and other strength training. We recommend to bolt your rack down, even with the Rear Base Stabilizer, regardless of your rack's depth.

79.8” in the middle and 80.6” for the tubes on the corners.And the minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull up with your head above the bar is 8' 4".

Our F4 power rack has enough space-with 75.9 ''(L) x 51.2 ''(W) to place a weight bench for training, which can provide you with a wider range of upper and lower body training, bench press, dead-lifts, seated rows, biceps curls, pull-ups, etc to meet the training needs of different muscle groups.

By adjusting the safety to different heights, and it provides a secure environment for performing exercises such as squats, bench presses, and other barbell movements. The safety weight catch's weight capacity is 1200 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
sendy nguyen
was impressed with the build quality

First and foremost, I was impressed with the build quality of this product. The pulley system is sturdy and well-constructed, capable of handling heavy loads without any wobbling or instability. The cables are thick and durable, giving me confidence in their longevity even with consistent use. Additionally, the included attachments, such as the landmine and the rope, provide a variety of exercise options to target different muscle groups.

justin c.
expands my exercise options.

You can throw some decent weight on it, it adds a significant amount of variety to your home gym, and most importantly its relatively affordable. This was simple to put together. Everything was there and the instructions were relatively easy to understand. As for the rack itself, it does the job. It holds weight, doesnt wobble, and expands my exercise options.

Chris L
Big Gains

The F4 Power Rack is everything described and more. I have spent more time bonding with my family while doing something healthy more over the past month than we have in years. This product was easy to assemble and use. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time.

Cyrus Turner
Perfect rack with pulley system

After a month with this cage, it's been nothing but perfect! It's been extremely sturdy with basically no movement, especially since I store spare lifting bars and weight on it. The lat pull down assembly feels extremely sturdy, and has had zero issues (pretty easily believe it could do a few hundred as stated). J hooks, dip handles, and pull up bar are also awesome.

5 star for the usability and sturdiness

Overall this power cage is great. I wanted to build my own home gym to get away from paying a membership fee to one of the big commercial gyms. This power cage was constructed strong enough to do just that. I have been able to complete all my workouts at home with a few modifications to some exercises. I was a little timid to buy this when I saw there was no lap bar for using the lat pull down feature, like the lat pull down machines I have used in commercial gyms. Turns out I engage my core without the lap bar so I have been pushed to do better with this cage. I still stand by giving this product a 5 star for the usability and sturdiness

J. K.
A compact yet efficient training equipment

I recently purchased the Mikolo Pulldown System, and I have been thoroughly impressed with its performance and versatility. As someone who enjoys working out at home, I was in search of a compact yet efficient training equipment, and the Mikolo Pulldown System fit the bill perfectly.