Wall Mounted Cable Crossover System

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Color: Red
Couple cable machine: MIKOLO cable crossover machine contains two ALQS cable stations and one connection pull up bar. It can satisfy your expectations of training with your family as well as accomplishing more birding moves that cable stations can not do. Over 85+ training available now in your home gym.
Unshakable stability: The most obvious feature of wall mount cable machine is its stability and security which products in the same price range can not compare. This also means better weight capacity. Cooperating with the new link attachment that can change pulley ratio from 2:1 to 1:1, you will have the dream partner to reach next level in home gym.
Space saving: With only 12.3 square inch footprint, you could get a function trainer, a pull up machine and a dual pulley cable station. Even the space between the two machines can be used.
Design for home gym: Big footboard on the Base-perfect attachment for the seated cable row. Upward 10° of Weight peg can prevent weight plates slip off. It also comes with detachable sleeves to fit 1''/2'' plates. Special four buckles strap handles can let you easily adjust the length you want. Also, this machine comes with 3 additional attachments: lat bar, cable bar, and tricep rope.
Free training positions: Dual adjustable pulley sleeve with 18 adjustable positions, which can carry out unilateral or bilateral training. Different positions correspond to different training movements and muscle groups. Rotating pulley bracket design enlarges your training range. Double pole track makes the cable slide more smoothly, bringing you a more comfortable exercise experience.
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