If you want to invest a MIKOLO POWER RACK for your home gym, but don’t know which one to buy. How to make a choice between the five racks. This article is for you. We’re going to get you right on track when it comes to introducing a POWER RACK to your home gym, Following we would go on from three main aspect: Home gym space, machine versitility and the customized feature.

The most sapce saving squat rack-QJ

The MIKOLO QJ is a folding wall-mount power rack that creates a functional workout space at home while taking up minimal space. This even leaves plenty of space to park your car in the garage.

Utilizing a pin and hinge system for efficient storage, when not in use easily fold your power rack into the closed position and stow away for later. No longer will you have a bulky piece of equipment taking up space in your home and garage.

All-in-one versitility Power Rack

F4, k3 and K6 are all-in-one power rack, are combination of fundational rack and pulley system, also come with multi-cable attachments

For low ceiling home gym-F4

F4 Power Rack with cable system delivers the same training benefits of a traditional Lat Pulldown Machine with the perk of a Low Row attachment to target your arms and back– building your biceps, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles altogether. The F4 Power Rack is the perfect centerpiece in building out your home or garage gym.

Crossover pulley system-K3&K6

  • K3 and K6 are build with crossover cable systems, compare to F4 rack, you could do cable crossover to enhance the power on your chest muscle, and the pulley system could be easily adjusted, allows for all kinds of cable exercises.

  • If you’d like to explore more rack attachments for your rack, The K3 is in 2”×3” uprights, in 1” hole size. While K6 uses 50*50mm, which means that K6 has more attachment compatibility than any other power rack (50*50mm is the common steel tube type on the market).

  • Lsat, K6 has no storage rack, takes less space than K3 rack.

Customize your Rack with P5 Power rack

The P5 is MIKOLO's most configurable system, with a robust attachment ecosystem. The bolt-together racks feature 3x3-inch 11-gauge square steel uprights with laser-cut keyholes spaced 2-inches on center and laser-cut numbers throughout the front and back of the uprights and crossmembers.

Additionally, the Power Rack comes standard with Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-Hooks, Strap Safeties,Plate storage posts,landmine,and Band peg. The High-End package adds 4 strength training stations, 4 functional attachments, a dip bar, jammer arms (pair), LAT pull down system and leg extension attachment.