Linear Bearing For Smooth Motion of The Bar

  • Compared to free weights, the Smith machine enables you to lift significant weights with a high degree of safety.

  • The linear bearing design enhances the fluidity of the motion, allowing you to push your training boundaries more effectively without encountering obstructions or unsettling vibrations during your lifts.

Large Footprint For Less Wobbling

  • The larger footprint helps distribute the weight evenly and lowers the center of gravity, reducing the risk of tipping over or wobbling during intense workouts.  

  • When lifting heavy weights, any wobbling, tipping, or instability of the Smith machine can lead to accidents and injuries.

  • When a machine is stable, users can focus on their technique without having to constantly adjust for balance or unexpected movements. This promotes effective muscle engagement and minimizes the risk of strain or injury due to poor form.

7 Degree For Vertical Movement

  • Vertical motion provides a controlled, predetermined path, which helps users maintain proper form and reduces the risk of injury by preventing unnatural or excessive movements.

  • Exercises such as squats, leg presses, and shoulder presses, keep in vertical motion, could help isolate and work particular muscle groups.

  • Vertical motion minimizes lateral instability. This makes it safer to lift heavier loads, promoting strength gains and muscle development.

  • Vertical motion exercises are often easier on the joints. This makes them suitable for individuals with joint issues or those looking to reduce the risk of joint injuries.

Safety Catch And Spotter Arm For Avoiding Injury


  • Safety catches can catch the barbell in case the lifter can no longer complete a repetition, Safety Stoppers preventing the bar from falling on the user.

  • Safety Stoppers allow for independent training without the need for a spotter.

  • Safety catches can be adjusted to different heights, allowing users to set the appropriate starting and ending positions for various exercises. This adaptability makes a Smith machine versatile, accommodating a wide range of exercises and users with different body sizes and training needs.

  • Knowing that they have a safety mechanism in place allows users to push their limits and make strength gains with confidence.

Counterbalance For Weightless

  • The counterbalance system consists of a counterweight within the machine.
  • This counterweight is designed to offset a portion of the weight of the barbell itsel. As a result, when you grip the barbell and begin lifting, it feels lighter than its actual weight.

  • This can be particularly helpful for beginners or individuals recovering from injuries who may have difficulty lifting heavy weights unassisted.

Enough Weight Plate Holder For Space Saving

  • Weight plate holders help maximize the available workout space, allowing users to move freely and perform exercises without obstruction.
  • With weight plates conveniently stored on the holder, users can transition between different exercises more efficiently, saving time and energy during their workouts.

  • Having plates on a holder makes it easy to see and select the desired weight increments for each set.

Band Pegs For Adding Extra

  • weight increments for each set.

Band Pegs For Adding Extra Resistance

  • Attached one hand to the band pegs, and another hand to the barbell or the weight plates at the other end. The bands stretches, providing additional resistance as you lift the barbell.

  • Athletes and lifters can perform exercises like speed squats or speed bench presses with bands attached to develop explosive strength and speed.

  • Providing a controlled and adjustable form of resistance, helpls individuals recovering from injuries in rehabilitation exercisesor for those who need to reduce the load on their joints during certain movements (deloading)

MIKOLO M1 Counterbalanced Smith Machines


  • Constructed from 14-gauge steel, Gross Weight in 385LBS, 2500LBS weight capacity

  • 7 degreespromise the vertical motion

  • Assembly Dimensions:58in(L)*63in(W)*82in(H).

  • No need for spotter, counterbalance smith bar keep you away from loose balance

  • Availavble exercises: Squat, bench press, shoulder press, Shoulder Shrug, biceps curls, and pull-up down

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