Father's Promise

Time flew by, and while we grew up, our dads' hair turned silver. Despite their busy schedules, they always made time for us, supporting our health and dreams. They taught us that true strength comes from a steadfast heart and responsibility.

On this special day, let's honor every father. Thank you for your selfless dedication and endless love. Mikolo is proud to be part of your family's journey, sharing every happy moment.

Mikolo Fitness Brand wishes all fathers a Happy Father's Day!

Cost-Effictive Way For Fitness With Your Father

  • All-in-one Smith Machine: Allows dads to perform full-body workouts at home, eliminating the need for a gym membership.
  • Independent and Dual Polley System: Designed for partner workouts, which means you can do super set with it and training together with dads.
  • Stable & Safe: Ensuring a secure workout experience, providing peace of mind for the whole family.
  • Easy to Use: Dads can effortlessly adjust the workout settings and intensity according to their needs, enjoying a personalized fitness experience.

M4 Smith Machine ONLY $1,099.99

Why Choose Home Gym Package

Choosing home gym packages offers several advantages: they are cost-effective, convenient, customizable, provide privacy and flexibility, are more hygienic, and can motivate consistent workouts. They represent a long-term investment in health, benefit the entire family, and usually include versatile equipment catering to various fitness needs and goals.

Home Gym Packages

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%1_black,%2_red,%3_redMIKOLO M4 Home Gym Package
MIKOLO M4 Home Gym Package Sale price$2,199.99 Regular price$2,889.99
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Mikolo K3 Home Gym PackageMikolo K3 Home Gym Package
Mikolo K3 Home Gym Package Sale price$1,819.99 Regular price$2,159.99
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Mikolo K6 Home Gym PackageMikolo K6 Home Gym Package
Mikolo K6 Home Gym Package Sale price$1,749.99 Regular price$2,059.99
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MIKOLO QJ Home Gym PackageMIKOLO QJ Home Gym Package
MIKOLO QJ Home Gym Package Sale price$1,379.99 Regular price$1,569.99

Best Choice for Gifts

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G4  Weight Stack Pulley Towerg4-wall-mounted-weight-stack-pulley-2
G4 Weight Stack Pulley Tower Sale price$749.99 Regular price$899.99
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MIKOLO F4 Power Rack Sale priceFrom $419.99 Regular price$659.99
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MIKOLO 5pcs Lat Pulldown Bar ComboMIKOLO 5pcs Lat Pulldown Bar Combo
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MIKOLO Rubber Flooring Sale price$99.99 Regular price$129.99