Jammer Arms

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Size: 2“×2”

Add more exercise options to your power rack without taking up more floor space with the Jammer Arms attachment. These plate-loaded arms replicate the moveable handle found on other gym machines. Simply attach the arms to the outside of a compatible MIKOLO rack, and adjust the handle up, down, or in another orientation for a wide range of dynamic exercises. The bearing design allows the arms to travel through a full 180-degree arc.

The Jammer Arms can be used independently for unilateral movements or together. The arms are heavy-duty, made with a four-way hole pattern so you have a completely modular arm that’s easy to slide up, down, and in different directions, or add J-cups for more versatility. The eyebolt allows lifters to easily connect a belt squat attachment. 

  • Compatible with the uprights in 2"×2“, 2"×3”, 1" hole size
  • 2×2:F4 Rack, K6 Rack, M4 Smith Machine, M1 Smith Machine
  • 2×3:K3 Rack
  • 2.36"×2.36“: QJ RACK
  • Adjustable pin-on style design allows attaching / detaching with ease
  • Rubber bumpers along each side of the arm to protect your rack from scuffs
  • Four adjustable handle position, meets different workout needs
  • Durable steel construction could load up to 600lbs
  • Black powder-coating will protect against early rust/scuffing
  • Suitable For 2" Weight Plates only.
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