MIKOLO F4 Power Rack

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All-in-one Power Rack with cable system. F4 the best budget home gym equipment for low ceilings.
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If you’re on a budget but want a great-looking and capable foundation for your home gym get the MIKOLO F4 Power Rack!

Our F4 is the most affordable all-in-one home gym rack on the market, made with 2x2" 14-gauge steel with a 800lbs rackable capacity. Each upright is secured to the base by 4 gusset plates, which allow zero back and forth movement.

This Power Rack with cable system delivers the same training benefits of a traditional Lat Pulldown Machine with the perk of a Low Row attachment to target your arms and back– building your biceps, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles altogether. The F4 Power Rack is the perfect centerpiece in building out your home or garage gym.

The MIKOLO F4 is Ideal for when:

You have a lower ceiling height
Your workout space is limited
You want to lift safely without a spotter
You want to skip the commute to the gym
You want budget home gym equipment

    • Material
      2x2" 14-Gauge Steel
    • Overall Height
    • Overall Width
    • Overall Depth
    • Hole Spacing
    • Hole Size
    • Weight Post Diameter
      1" & 2"
    • Product Weight
      176 lbs
    • Pulley Ratio
    • Cable Weight Capacity
    • Rackable Capacity
    • Whole Capacity
    • 2x2-inch 14-Gauge Steel Uprights
    • Plate-Loaded Power Rack
    • 4" Hole Spacing Throughout With 1” Pinholes
    • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
    • (4) Plate Storage Posts
    • (2) Accessory Storage Hooks
    • Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Safety Spotter Pins
    • Wide & Narrow Grips Dip Handles
    • LAT Pull-Down System



    The F4 power cage come with a ton of attachments. A 360 angle landmine, the footboard for seated rows and so on.


    Take your pull-up training to the next level, you can target different muscle groups and improve your overall upper body strength.


    The rack is made with 2x2” 14-gauge steel with a 1,200 lbs weight capacity.

    Frequently Asked Question

    The maximum of the j-hook is 500 lbs, and it's ok to have an extended j-hook. But please confirm that we are for a 1 inch holes.

    Considering the using of lat pull-down bar, and other strength training. We recommend to bolt your rack down, even with the Rear Base Stabilizer, regardless of your rack's depth.

    79.8” in the middle and 80.6” for the tubes on the corners.And the minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull up with your head above the bar is 8' 4".

    Our F4 power rack has enough space-with 75.9 ''(L) x 51.2 ''(W) to place a weight bench for training, which can provide you with a wider range of upper and lower body training, bench press, dead-lifts, seated rows, biceps curls, pull-ups, etc to meet the training needs of different muscle groups.

    By adjusting the safety to different heights, and it provides a secure environment for performing exercises such as squats, bench presses, and other barbell movements. The safety weight catch's weight capacity is 1200 lbs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews
    Very satisfied

    The power rack was delivered on time and packaged carefully with no scratches. Everything was in great condition ready to assemble. Instructions were intuitive and easy to follow. I’ve used the equipment a few times and everything seems to be very solid. Great home gym set up.

    Beau H.
    Great product for the price. Quality steel

    Easy assembly and very sturdy steel construction. I’m definitely happy with the purchase. Only thing I wish is that the cable/pulley system was a little better design but I’m sure that would come with a cost increase.

    Chris L
    Big Gains

    The F4 Power Rack is everything described and more. I have spent more time bonding with my family while doing something healthy more over the past month than we have in years. This product was easy to assemble and use. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time.

    Shelley Martel
    Solid for a great price

    I specifically chose this rack because of its shorter than average height and inclusion of cable system. As many people have said the instructions are light on actual instruction, but if you have a partner and pay close attention to the pictures you’ll get it together easily enough. I have found it so far to be sturdy. My heaviest rack lift is 165 and it can handle that on the hooks just fine. Also cool to have the landmine attachment, not something I’d ever looked for but adds a new option to my routine. All the pieces were present in my package and they were impressively well packed for how heavy these boxes were.

    Trevor P
    Pretty good rack for the price

    Overall I am pleased with the purchase. The rack went together easily and is relatively sturdy enough to accommodate weights for your average person.
    The pulley system does get in the way if you try to use the back side of the rack, which is the only way to utilize the safety bars included with the rack. For this reason I purchased an additional set of safety arms and j cups to use on the front side of the rack. I am around 5’9” and the rack seemed to be just the right size for me. If you are taller than 5’9”-5’10” then this may feel a little small to you.

    Jamie Shrank
    Best decision ever!

    I’ve had this power rack for almost a year now and would like to give my honest review for anyone else considering getting started. As a military member and father of two I was looking to get myself back into shape to be a better role model for my kids and to be around with them longer. Starting a home gym was particularly important to me due to not always having time to get to the gym. Being on a budget I was finding it hard to know where to start, until I found Mikolo. This power rack seemed to have everything I needed to get started and was at a perfect price. I was nervous at first not knowing the quality I would get but let me tell you this, this power rack has been incredible! 1 year of abuse later and it still looks brand new! The quality of this product for the price is unbelievable, not even a chip in the powder coating! This power rack has allowed me to perform every exercise I could need! It’s deep enough to squat, bench, deadlift and shoulder press in, sturdy enough to do pull ups and withstand some heavy rack pulls. The accessories on this rack are also great, the lay pull-down and low row attachment is smooth and can handle a lot of weight without getting in the way of having a bench within the squat rack. Customer service from Mikolo has also been top notch, I emailed them with a question about adding to my rack and they went out of their way to send it to me for free! So if you are reading this and thinking you have to go with a bigger name brand and pay 3 or 4 times more for a quality product you should really consider this company. They may have budget prices but it is no where reflected in the quality and incredible customer service! After my dealings with their customer service, Mikolo will be my go to for my home gym set up from here on! Currently I am saving up to be able to purchase their P5 3x3 power rack and I can’t wait for that beast and all the attachments to go with it as that will undoubtedly be my lifetime power rack!